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General Chat
Just about anything
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miaowang123 · Yesterday, 07:11PM
In There will be mention of how many Canadian
Site News - Updates
Site News - Updates
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Knackers · Mar 5 '17
In Chat update
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M/M Video uploads
To attach and upload actual videos
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M/M Video Links
Video Links (m/m), for links that will not work in the Video section, located to the left nav bar.
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M/M Busting Personals
Post if looking to meet up, buster, bustee, local only, travel, how mild or extreme, etc.
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Sfcbtbear · Jun 17 '17
In San Francisco Bay Area tonight
Video Chats / Video Busting
For those interested in Video Chat/Busting, post for what you seek and your skype, AIM, or other method to Vchat.
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Busting Methods
Ways to bust, experienced or desired or simply want to watch.
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Busting Dares
Busting dares, can be mild to extreme - so be warned, you do not have to accept a dare and its up to you to ensure your safety, if you are damaged as a result, it is your responsibility.
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Busting Games
Busting games, for real in person or online
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M/M Busting Stories
M/M Busting Stories
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don8901 · May 14 '17
In A Freshman Victory