Popping party


Date & time Sep 15
Event ends Sep 15
Creator Balls2ruin

Who's attending

Balls2ruin Bustee


Popping partyA ballbusting party to pop my nuts.

If more than one buster wishes to participate then they will share. I have no limit on the number of busters however only 4 max can cause damage. Done correctly 2 guys can each rupture a nut and 2 more can each totally pop/ruin a nut. Will also need at least one guy prefer more who are into cock and anal torture.

Spectators are welcome! I will also need someone to work the camera to record it.

Date subject to change based on intersect or lack of as the case usually is. I really hope to get at least one but prefer several guys who desire to ruin a cock and balls.

The Wall

Apr 8
DAMN - think I could get a copy of that video?
Balls2ruin Bustee
Apr 9
maybe yet best way is to help make it happen
don8901 Mutual
May 14
I can not make that date, but would love to see the video. Let me know if you reschedule.
Balls2ruin Bustee
May 14
Considering there has been no interest, if a couple guys do not ask to attend in the next couple weeks, the date will have to be delayed.
Jake Rivera Mutual
Jul 18
How hard you guys willing to bust me
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